Monday, June 27, 2005


In China Right Now

Hong Kong->took 3 hour ferry to Jiang Men Harbor took 1.3 hours to go from harbor to Inner Jiang Men city->2 hour ride to Tai Shan to give some incense to some dead ghosts that so happened to have blood ties with my father.

After that, it all blurs into a haze.
I think I went to see Jiang Men's factories. Jean Factory of the world. It also happens to blacken the sky. But Jiang Men is in Guangdong and as such, the food there is fantastic.

It's fucking Fantastic.

After that, it was off to Jiu Sang. Jiu Sang is a billion islands that happen to be chinese but happen to eat stuff only Koreans should eat and look like ppl that only hard core traditional japanese ppl would fuck.

We went there to look at fish. Not much else to look at.

Then we went to Hanzhou, then to Shanghai and then back to Hanzhou.
Shanghai has really pretty girls. It has everthing Hanzhou has except that it's bigger and has more of it. Oh yeah, their also pretty fucked up. They have a menu for Outsiders and a menu for Insiders. There's an English/Chinese Menu in Big Signs all over the store. But in the corner, laminated gently with duct tape is the same menu only with Chinese only prices. If you don't read Chinese, you pay 3x more. If you don't know the price, you pay 3x more. If you are from Guangdong, be prepared to be treated like dirt.

Also, if you go to China, don't go to Canton(Guangdong). The food there is so much better it'll ruin your tastes for life. SO MUCH BETTER. I didnt say clean, but it the best shit you've ever tasted in your fucking life.

Too bad Hanzhou and Shanghai can't boast the same. If you see tourists eating at the same restaurant you sit in, take heed and leave that place immediately. Because the food they serve to tourists is not fit to serve to dogs--no, not even dogs.

I'm in Canton right now writing this using some company's computer. This company is like a startup/garage company so they live/play/eat/shit here...And yet it's oddly organized. Only Chinese ppl have uber-expensive tea sets coupled with cartons upon cartons of smokes. You might consider this a balance between healthiness and vice. I just call it weird.

Everyone's real dumb here about electronics so there's absolutely no market here for service consumer electronics like fans, mp3 players, etc. They buy whatever looks nice and works. Sony, fer instance. Branding is so important in China, it hurts my wallet just to even think about it. People buy eye cams but have no idea how to set it up. They order CABLE internet service but live with 10 kilobyte per second downloads. They take their hard earned money and eat at KFC and McDonalds when I would give anything to be able to kidnap their shittiest 4 star chef.

Stuff here is also really cheap compared to the dollar. 13 dollars USD gets you 5 dishes. Feeds 4 ppl to the brim. And it comes with soup. Guangdong is cheap and tasty.

But Hanzhou is pretty. It has a huge lake and a mountains in the middle. It's so comfortable there you could die. Which is literally what ppl go there to do. Strangely enough, it's also widely considered to be the second most pretty-girl county in China (the first being Souzhou).

Beijing, I've heard, is even nicer but when is it ever a nice idea to sit next to the king? Damocles' sword and all that mumbo jumbo.

I'll be back on the 3rd. I didnt take any pictures because my camera broke. But I'll prolly be back next year. So who the fuck cares. I'm not really a picture person. I did buy some postcards...and then i realized that I didnt want to send them. Well, I just realized the person I wanted to send them too prolly wouldnt want to recieve them. And that really sucks. Cuz the postcards cost me 2 dollars RMB each! That's 20 cents!!!!


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