Thursday, June 16, 2005


I Have Arrived In HONG KONG

Well, I'm here. The ferry to china was at 5:00 p.m. If I had my super-speed powers, stolen from the venomous villain Volotrax, I could have made the transfer easily. But seeing as how I don't, there's no way in hell I could rendezvous with my brother in time. What? You don't know who Volotrax is? Idiot.

So I stayed the night at Auntie #4, from my mother's side; I'll prolly stay an extra day, just to snap pictures and everything. Hong Kong is beautiful in the night. And if you know where to walk, the smell of cars, odors, and petrol oil isn't that hard to ignore. In fact, it smells kinday homey.

I love harbor cities. I grew up in New York, after all. They're the best type of city. IMHO, the only worthwhile city type. Just prosperous, professional, speedy, and rude. Awesome.

I'm going to buy some shoes and maybe drink myself silly. And then it's off to China to do god know's what. Massage? Hehe. Oddly enough I'm not looking forward to 'massages'. What I want to do is check out the bookstores--not the commercial ones, you know antique book stores--the oddest versions of American literature turn up in these little places. Like Sun Tzu Bing Fa translated into English with Chinese subtitles and cartoon projections.

This will be the last entry for a while; I come back on the 3rd of August. This is Mario signing off.

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