Sunday, June 05, 2005


History Mystery: Ben Franklin Kills Brits!

Ben Franklin's House in London/Horrors!

In 1997, underneath the house of Ben Franklin's house in London, 10 corpses were found.

Buried. With indications that further excavation lay even more!

The Benjamain Franklin House Foundation were doing some restorative work, after finally raising the required funds--imagine their shock! Some suggest that these corpses were the result of late night grave-robbing. In that 18th century, using corpses for anatomy study was illegal, and many eminent scientists, such as Benjamin Franklin opposed it. Many doctors had to resort to grave-robbing to find enough material to conduct their anatomy experiments/cataloguing. In fact, Franklin once lent his house to Hewes, a forefather of anatomy science in England. It is possible that Franklin may have wittingly or unwittingly helped Dr. Hewes with his ghastly, nightly endeavors.
Summarized/paraphrased from source: Sunday Times, February 11 1998

There's more!
Cut to 7 years after the article was printed, the Franklin house has not been reopened. Fishy, eh? Forensic analysis has revealed that out of these 10 corpses, 4 are adults and the rest, children. All 10's bones show signs of having been sawed, hacked, dissected, and drilled upon.

I am a big Ben Franklin fan. If there's any information on this please email me at

If you are a British reader, could you send 2 letters for me? One to Charing Cross, the police station, and the other to Westminster Mortuary, the morticianer's office, the two agencies that would have handled this case.

Say that you are interested because you recently unearthed a family diary circa and in it were something regarding a missing family member--a child. You are interested in the bones that were uncovered in Westminster circa...pick a year between 1757-1775 (specifically the Ben Franklin House)--since the diary indicated that Westminster was where they lived. Ask them to send, if possible, any information through email, as this is preferred.

(The police station)
Charing Cross
Agar Street
London WC2N 4JP
Tel: (020) 7240 1212

(The mortuary)
Westminster Coroner's Court
65 Horseferry Road
London SW1
Tel 020 7834 6515

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