Friday, June 10, 2005


Comics Review: Pick of the Weeks!

Marvel Knights Spider-man #15 By Reginald Hudlin

Reginald Huldin, in this issue, wrote a great little thing with Sentry and Spider-man. Not only does it riff on Lois Lane, it riffs on Superman. It riffs on Ant Man and reminds us all that Spider-man is on the intelligence level of the guy that created Ultron. This book is what Makes Marvel Marvel. Irreverant and Creative. There are like seven or 10 streaming concepts in this book.

Like Superman's spaceship as a Baby Machine, remixing Krypton DNA with Human DNA--explains why Kryptons look like humans. Explains the powers too.

Has Lois Lane dig Peter Parker.

Brings back the Spider-tracer. Spider tracers are cool, smart, and cool. Yes, i said cool twice. Fuck off.

Has Superman's clothes burnt off.

The list goes on...

Imagine: A future where DC is no more.
A future where Sentry takes over all Superman books
A future where Punisher takes over all Batman books
A futre where...hrm..that's about it for the DC popular list.

Sucky Comic of the Week:
Rann Thanagar War
I don't know who wrote this but it is the most campy sickfest, and totally reverse Andy Diggle-like and Andy Diggle was the one who wrote the Adam Strange preludes to this War!

For god's sake, I dont care about my views being subjective. I don't care because I'm fucking right. Why do you make shit so campy! What the fuck is wrong with you? Oh, he's the green lantern. He's bad. Wait one frame, and you repeat the sentence again! What the bloody fuck! Are you taking lessons from John Bryne. Bloody hell. This is the worst comic book i've ever read in my entire life. Give me back my money. My youth. My time. My liver.

You suck, mr. thanagar writer. You suck so much. You suck almost as much as Goyer. I'm sorry. I take that back. No one deserves to be compared with Goyer...unless you ARE Goyer...

Who the fuck writes like this?
"Kyle, I'm honored to..."
"The feeling's mutual!"

The feeling's up your ass!
If DC did not have Superman or Batman...the whole line would just die. They've go no good new ppl!!! None!!

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