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Comic News: Xmen 3, Wizard World Con, etc

Google this: "Wizard World Philly Convention ComicbookResources Dan Didio"
Read up on any of these articles as their the ones that are most interesting. My kudos to CBR for such great coverage. BTW, half of what makes these articles interesting is the writer, so kudos to CBR for finding a plum writer like Justin Jordan, too.

Ratner is X3 Director, This Week Anyways
Singer left X3, Vaughn joins, gets fired, and the suits now decide to hire...Brett Ratner! Boy, someone over at Fox has a pretty big vindictive and petty streak. This is obviously a Hollywood gesture. Ratner's pissed at DC for taking his Superman away after wooing it for so long, and Fox is pissed at Singer leaving X3. So now we've got two factions. If Singer ever works for 20th Century Fox again, I'll eat my hat. You hear me? Eat. My. Hat. And the preproduction time for this film...if Whedon, who worked for TV, shyed away from it, what chance does Ratner have?


WW Philly Convention
*Boring stuff really. What was interesting was all on the DC panel. Dan Didio's take on Batman and his killer is that: "What kind of detective is he if he cant find the identity of his parents' killer?"

The couterpart to this argument is: "What would be his motivation when he finds out? The nameless killer's face is blank and also upon ever punk and rapist Batman faces in the future, a sort of projecting psychosis, if you will."

Personally, i think Batman should find out. Beating up criminals and poor people after his main motivation is gone only enhances the pyschotic nature of Batman. Come on. Batman is a bounty hunter. You think professional bounty hunters do it for the money? They do it for something else. Something althogether unhealthy.

*Oh, Batman's succession is taken care of in the coming Crisis
. Who becomes Batman when Batman falls. Once again, Didio is on the mark.

*Didio described the Allstar Batman as Frank Miller's Batman Year Two with emphasis on the relationship between Bats and his sidekick Robin. This is good: Year One books have always had a decent quality, and Frank Miller's Year Ones have reinvigorated many characters. This is bad: Frank Miller is weird. Frank Miller might make everything homosexual and DKSA again. Ugh. I'll read it anyways. It's Frank Miller for god's sake--which really begs the question: Why isn't DC hiring Frank Miller to create NEW characters or invigorate OLD ones? Imagine a Miller-written The Question. Yeah. I feel it, too. Goosebumps.

*there's more batman stuff that's uber interesting, check the comicbookresources link. It has some more of the minor details. Like the difference between jason todd and spoiler.

Hellboy as a cartoon?
Hell, that would be awesome. But then again, seeing as how American animation talent consists of Paul Dini, his close friends, Dini's dog and possibly Seth Green, where in the world is Mignola going to find a showrunner? Face it, finding a Guillermo Del Toro, someone with both respect for the original concept and with the necessary technical expertise in the field is like soul-searching in an Enron CEO retreat. Damn, I'm funny.

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