Monday, June 06, 2005


Batman Screener Reviews

CBR's Khasil Asadullah had this to say "This movie was made possible by the great writing skills of David S. Goyer. Goyer has brought to life the vision that Frank Miller had in mind when he re-vamped the Batman character with the graphic novel "Batman: Year One." Goyer's writing and the direction of Nolan has made a movie that truly is what hardcore comic fans have been begging for all these years."

My Response: How much did they pay you for your soul?
*Find my blog article entitled "Commentary: Goyer Sucks Dick" for further exploratory.

But seriously, the movie may be good. I havent read the original script that was purposefully accidentally leaked onto the net. I havent seen Memento so I dont know how good this Nolan bloke is. Rogert Ebert and Puppy seems to like it so it cant be entirely stupid.

But Goyer...thankfully, I heard Nolan wrote the script with him so...Thank God.

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