Sunday, June 12, 2005


Anime Rant: Anime I've Watched So Far

From the previous episode of Anme Rant, there were no gems, but quite a few stinkers.
Samurai Champloo: excellent beginning, one million episodes of boringness afterwards.
I really like Monster and Fantastic Children though...except for the fact that some episodes were directed by this guy I really hate. Absolutely moronic episodes. A string of them too. Really ruins the middle of the series. It's hard to not watch the badly directed ones because of the single arc/non shonen aspect of it too. When One Piece gets boring, I can skip directly to the next arc, you know. Or skip entire episodes and still get the story. Can't really do that with Seinen which demands consistency.

Anime I've Dropped Due to Them Being Ass-faced

Key The Metal Idol - I don't know. I got my version from A4E but I keep thinking they removed parts of it. There are scenes missing. Same thing with Iria too. I cant watch stuff where scenes are missing.

Anime I'm Following Now

Sousei no Aquarion- NGE. Fuck the plot, just watch it for the reincarnation and the relationships. I'm a sucker for love-hate relationships. Especially between two reincarnated lovers. Yar. I'm easy. I'll prolly follow this one to the end.

Otouzigashi-The plot is boring. The characters are boring. But then i felt the same way with Juuni Kokki and J.K. was brilliant. I'll follow this for 9 episodes and if it still sucks i'm dropping it.

Anime that Grabbed Me from the Start
Getter Robo 2004

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