Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Anime Rant: Anime I've Watched, Dropped, and Copped

From 1 to 5

1.Erementar Gerad
- Have you seen Mar Heaven? It's the same thing. Naruto kid underachiever gains some power, thrust into adventure. This has a bit of humor to this, more characters, and conceptualized characters...Promising but I'm not 10 years old. DO NOT WATCH.

2.Lazytner- Interesting stuff. It's half serious half power ranger. It has potential but the designs are obviously demoed toward children--not that that's necessarily bad, not that it's particulary good either. Mecha designs are outdated--most likely based on a toy that didn't sell well. Still, promising. Ppl die in it--that's always a good sign.

3.Xabungle - It's like One Piece. Well done but still shonen. I'll prolly follow this to the end.

4.Popoloiscrois Story - Excellent anime. Story? Who cares. Design, story, and coloring is what makes this Zelda knockoff excellent--especially after a smoke/hallucinogen.

5. Karas - BAD, unwatchable anime. Stupid. Why is this number 5? The budget for this anime is huge. HUGE! It's like a Lindsay Lohan porn flick--who cares if the storie sucks?--BREASTS!!!

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