Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Anime Commentary: 2004-2005 Anime I've Watched So Far

I am God so everything I hate is demonic whilst everything I favor divine.

Anime I've watched and dropped due to them being utterly stupid

Zipang, Meine Liebe, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Chronicle, Chrno Crusade, Hellsing, Grenadier, Bleach, Duke of Monte Christo, Madlax, Viewtiful Joe, Saiyuki Reload

common: These anime are either bishoujo, fanservice, immature, or just plain rehash of old ideas that have been done before. Is there a prerequisite that in order to be a vampire hunter, you've got to be a vampire yourself? How many variations on this character dynamic does one need?

Anime that are dont have a good hook but niggles my Might be Good meter.

Samurai Champloo, Monster, Fantastic Children, FMA, Speed Grapher, Beck

common: A lot of these have an excellent beginning. The boringness sets in whenever the directors decide to head off into a tangent. The only reason Speed Grapher and Beck are here are because of the designs/concepts. Photographer with an Evil Eye? Japanese Rock Band? It's noveau enough to deserve a 7-episode chance.

Anime that Grabbed me from the start.

Elfen Lied, Basilisk

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