Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Movie News: Mother Of All Paydays

Sofia Stewart, dubbed the Mother of the Matrix, has sucessfully won a gazillion dollars from Warner Brothers. She claims that her material was used to write specific parts of the matrix. She's got copyright legal forms to witnesses as well. There's also a supposedly 30 minutes that got cut from the movie. And production ppl used it as source material in setting some scenes.

Oh, come on. For argument's sake, let's concede that Wachowski Brothers did steal the Matrix story. How the hell can a movie studio know that? So every studio needs to spend 600 grand on discovery fees before even attempting a movie? It's not realistic and if this kind of stuff keeps up, Hollywood will be pummeled by countries with better execution of copyright and creativity. Say goodbye to film dominance, America. It was nice while it lasted.

Invisibles as well as Giblson's Neuromancer were given to the Matrix production people to study as well. For the mood and general feel--mainly to give them a feel on the type of scifi to create. Heck, if the story was good in the first place, WB would have bought her. If she can pump out 2 fics of such box office worthiness, don't you think she'd be keeper? And if it was indeed the Wacholski's that stole her shit, how does that make WB liable?

Truthfully, i'm saving my judgement until I read the original Stewart manuscript complete with the character analysis. And even then, i'm not sure if the settlement was fair. Ideas without implementation is meaningless. Worth 10 grand at most.

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