Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Geek Hong Kong Movie


I don't normally watch Love Stories or fluffy romantic pieces but since there's so much roar about Wong Kar Wai, I'm willing to give this asian Woody Allen a chance.

It's sooooo borrrrinnnnnggg.

That's it. If you want details, you wont get it. I had no idea what was going on in the film. Other than the fact that Tony Leung is interesting no matter what kind of movie he's in, Zhang Zhiyi's pretty hot, and that I cant really tell the difference between soft core porn and art films.

Mainly, it's a story about a guy who has these romances and some of them turn up stupid. There's this woman who left him. So he goes to this prostitute. Then the prostitute loves him, but then he doesnt love her. And then prostitute goes to singapore and becomes this super gambler. The guy goes to singapore and loses his money and the Super whore gambler helps him out. The guy still doesnt fuck her with LOVE. Doesnt even fuck her at all.

Everyone cries and the guy is...i dont know, the movie ends. Su Lizhen, the first girlfriend, got stabbed somewhere in the beginning of the movie. By a drummer. This is all entertwined in a futuristic story this Guy makes up--which has nothing to do with scifi or with the story in general. In fact, thematically, it shouldnt even have been scifi--it should have been a wuxia kung fu flick--since penning martial arts porn fiction was one of the many jobs this guy held.

this movie sucks. well, i cant appreciate it. I don't get why they compare Wong Kar Wai to woody allen. If i want to see something artsy and funny, i'd go see woody allen's remake of Tolstoy's War and Peace: Now that's a fucking nice film.
I'm kinda sad that Wong Kar Wai sucks. I'm one half Hong Kongian you see. Sigh.

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