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I think I'm going to take the Geek out of the titles. It works on a corporate branding level but for god's sake, this is a fucking blog. Emphasis on the fucking.

Source: fanboyrampage.blogspot.com
I love fanboyrampage.blogspot. It's doesnt regurgitate news feeds and call them columns like some of the other sites do. It has actual commentary about stuff that's interesting. Although, it has been getting lazy as of late. Slow news days do suck.

I dug the Millar/BKV back and forth. Just jump to the word "millar" when you traverse this link. Millar's best work is still the Authority and BKV's best work is arguably Y the last man. They both write mainstream junk food comic books but hey do it well so I dont hold it against them.

Source: whedonesque.com
Joss Whedon's speechy to screeners of Serenity. In case you don't know what Serenity is, its a movie. Its a movie based on the TV series Firefly. So its Firefly: Serenity. Actually, its Whedon: Firefly: Serenity. Actually, its The Way God Intended Scifi To Be. I'm a bit biased though. Whedon controls his work so there's always a mark of quality in anything he's done. He can write, direct, compose music and has his ear to the floor

If you've never heard of Firefly, go bt some episodes or get some cheap 10 dollar dvds for the whole season. Its the heir apparent of all geekdom. Its scifi with a message. Its scifi with a theme. Its about Freedom. It reminds you why government is called "government". It also reminds you that freedom isnt anarchy, its the freedom to say no when someone tells you do something that doesnt sit right.

Source: comicbookresources.com
Rich Johnston rumor mill column "Lying in the Gutter has gotten a lot of flak. The fact that its the National Enquirer of Comicdom makes creators and fans all bunched up in their briefs. I like the insider, controversial, dirty laundry stuff. That's what truth is anyways. That's what journalism should be. Not just newsfeeds, launchdates, and being a general mouthpiece for market advertising. So Rich is doing investigative tabloidal paparazzi journalism now. And that's fantastic.

Last week, he did an interview with Alan Moore about his tiff with DC. (He pulled LoEG because one of their guys tried to implicit Moore as an endorser of some film based on his work. And since the film adaptations of his work have all been utter dogshit, Moore's got plenty of justification for not wanting his name on dogshit.)

This week, it's about taxes on income from comics, which directly leads to very interesting stuff on how the cogs of the industry work. Its fascinating if you take the time to check it out. Fascinating=gossip=criminal stuff. Yeah, sexy.

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