Saturday, September 24, 2005


WinMX Dead. WTF is WinNY?

Okay, so WinMX is dead. How are you going to get the Japanese/Korean/Chinese songs that you love/crave? Itunes Music Store isn’t even up in Korea/Hong Kong and Sony’s being a bitch about their products so…I do not condone piracy. In hopes that the RIAA will shut these bastards further, I will now explain how to get Japanese songs via Winny.

Don’t throwaway your WinMX just yet either because it’s got Open Nap which means Nodes. With a little bit more sweat, you can do whatever you were doing before WinMX died. No, I don’t meant that. Get your hands away from your pants.


Step1: Download the Bitch.
Go download Winny from If you’re scared, go to wikipedia. It’ll link you to the English version 66. Now if you go to the links section of that page, you’ll get to which is nyar.

I tried all 3 versions. 66, 71 and the latest. So far only 71 works well.
So get 2.71.

Step 2: Install/config. Put in the Nodes.

Okay, you’ve got this zip file. Oh my god! What do I do? You unzip it. Put it in C:\Winny or something. You might want to do some regional settings to make your OS Japan friendly. Make a shorcut to the winny.exe.
You should see a UI with a black screen—very winmx-ish.

It’s in Japanese! What will I do? Google is your friend. Go to this site uguu. It’ll explain what you need to do.

  1. Go to the Config Button.

  2. Go to the Bandwidth and pick out your speed.

  3. Go set your port.

  4. Die of cancer.

  5. Now set your Down folder and Up Folders to whatever you want. You can skip this if you want.

  6. Now go to your winny folder. Make a Noderef.txt. Capital N.

  7. Google some nodes. “winNY node” brings up a few hits. Should look like this. I use peerto’s nodes.
Copy and paste this to Noderef.txt in your winny folder. Node   reference, you dig?
  1. Go type something in the Keyword search bar. If you don’t know where it is, go look at the uguu link again.

  2. Congrats, it’s a boy. It also wouldn’t kill you to learn a bit of Japanese. Stuff like Close, Apply, Delete, Stop and “How much for A Blowjob” is useful. Ikura…blowjob des ka?—hah.

How to set up WinMX with Open Nap

There’s plenty of English Tutorials out there. What do you need me for? I don’t really like the OpenNap limitation either. It’s not exactly nodular. More like hubular. Those aren’t words by the way.

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